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                arah and Jasmine, both sixth graders, venture into the woods with Tess, an Abenaki woman, and learn the art of tracking.  Mysteries await them at every turn.  When they return home, they learn that Boots, Sarah’s cat, is missing.  On their own, the girls use their recently acquired skills to search for Boots.  The girls have very different ways of learning. Sarah is school smart, while Jasmine learns more about the world from the out-of-doors.  Sarah has trouble riding horses, while Jasmine excels.  Although they are jealous of each other, they must learn to work as a team.



The story begins...

With sparkling eyes and frosted eyelashes, Sarah rode Wind Walker from the corral to the barn.  Sarah turned to look at Jasmine behind her. Jasmine was staring into the snow.  Just as Sarah was about to look away, Jasmine yelled, "There’s blood in Walker’s tracks."




Praise for Snow Secrets


        In a time of 'Nature-Deficit Disorder', when Richard Louv has reminded us that we are nearing an era of the "Last Child in the Woods", Lynn has sneaked in a cure - excite kids when they are young!  In Snow Secrets, Lynn teaches us that those who venture forth, learn and use outdoor skills to be safe in a world of natural wonder.  While the outdoors is often thought of as a boy’s realm, Lynn stresses that the outdoors and nature are home for girls. Snow Secrets is a must read.

 Dr. James Halfpenny

Author of more than a dozen tracking books, videos and an electronic field guide.



"For young people who yearn for a deeper relationship with animals, tracks in the forest can lead the way.  In Snow Secrets, at first reluctant young Sarah is soon drawn into the mystery and wonder of nature, and the tracks lead her to a new awareness, not only about the wild world around her, but about herself as well.

  Sue Morse

Director of "Keeping Track", a program dedicated to protecting wildlife



"The author's passion for intense encounter with nature comes through page after page."

Michael J. Daley

Award winning author of "Space Station Rat"















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