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Mammal Tracks and Scat:

Life-Size Pocket Guide




         A waterproof, 44 page pocket-size book, with life-size illustrations.

                                                                                 (Yes, even the  bear!)


         It’s a guide that’s great for tracking through all seasons.


         You can store it in your pocket so it’s available whenever you need it.


         This guide can be used in any weather.


         It’s rugged and made to last.


         It is spiral bound, allowing it to be laid down on the ground for simple

         comparison with the actual track or scat.


          The illustrations in this guide are the Real Size, making it much easier to

           compare them with tracks and scat in the field.










Moose (speckled)

Deer (solid)

For example, look how simple it is to tell a moose track from a deer track.

And, see how simple it is tell moose scat from deer scat.



To identify tracks, the Pocket Guide

uses a Track Key and a Pattern Key.

Track Key

First, you determine whether the front feet and the hind feet are about the same size or not the same size.


For example:

When the front feet and the hind feet are about the same size, look at, for example, the number of toes.

When the front feet and the hind feet are not the same size, look at characteristics such as whether they look like:

Pattern Key

First, you determine the Track Pattern (waddling, bounding, hopping, or walking/trotting).

For example, here is the bounding pattern for a weasel:


Next, use the ruler on the back cover to measure the straddle (the width of the pattern).


To identify the species, first you determine if the scat is a:

     SPHERE                  OR                        CYLINDER

For a sphere, determine if it is:

Round                        OR              Elongated - Small      OR            Elongated - Large

For a cylinder, determine if it is:

Pointy                   OR                    Broken                               OR               Twisted                  OR                     Blunt

(Caution: Never touch scat with your hand)


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